The Editor Dilemma

I have never spent much time trying to obtain perfect grammar, spelling, and wording. I write as I speak, for the most part. The words flow from the mind to the keyboard (in this case my bberry curve) and I leave them alone. I do go back over the post once I am done and read it and fix it a bit. But I focus mostly on the flow and readability. I’m not a perfect speller by any means. And I mess up/mix up its and it’s all the time. I went to an engineering school not a liberal arts school and it shows at times.

I’ve been offered editing services for this blog from time to time and have always refused. I like the immediacy of write/publish. I don’t want to wait for someone else to clean things up. And, honestly, I don’t want another person’s mind messing with my words. How will they know what I really want to convey?

But I also know that some of you find the mispellings, typos, and bad grammar off putting. I get comments to that effect on a regular basis. Some people can’t even take me seriously when I don’t capitalize and punctuate properly. They laugh at me and think I’m an idiot.

That’s fine with me. You can’t please everyone and you’ll go crazy trying.

But there is a solution that I’d love someone to build. If anyone could make basic edits to this post that don’t change the meaning, I’d love that. I don’t want an editor, but I am quite taken with the idea of audience powered editing. I get comments like ‘you said for when you meant from" and I cringe. It would be so much easier for the person who sees that error to just fix it. And fix the mispellings, bad grammar, and missed punctuations too while they are at it.

Its a tricky problem to solve because I would not want audience powered editing to impact the meaning of the words. I’d only want it to clean up and correct things. So any tool that attempted to do this would need to be able to determine the difference and mediate that.

Its tricky for another reason. Content management systems like blog publishing systems don’t allow anyone other than the author to mess with the content creation service. If such a tool were created, I’d have to permission the tool to have access to my content creation account. That’s a dicey proposition for sure. Security and hacking concerns are high for anything like that.

If anyone is tackling this problem, let me know. I’d love to be a beta tester of it. But short of allowing all of you to clean these posts up for me, I’m going to stick with my current approach. I hope you are OK with it.

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