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  Gallerie Vittorio Emanuelle 
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I don’t think we did Milan justice. Josh and I missed the opportunity to see AC Milan play Udinese because we didn’t plan ahead and the girls would probably have preferred a fashion week to the pre-christmas weekend we spent in Milan.

But there’s a lot to recommend about Milan. The Duomo is beautiful and the christmas markets that filled up the Via Dante and the surrounding streets were colorful and fun.

We also enjoyed seeing the restored Leonardo painting of the Last Supper. There is something very magical about that painted wall.

I also loved the Castello Sforzesco and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Both are awesome structures that leave a strong impression.

The food was hit or miss. The hits include panninis at De Santis and a dinner at Bebels. I want to thank everyone who twittered Milan restaurant suggestions to me. We ended up sticking with the reservations we had when we arrived. If we had stayed longer, I would have liked to try a bunch of them.

We stayed at the Four Seasons and enjoyed fantastic service and comfort. It turns out Posh and Beckham were staying there as well but we did not get a sighting. That would have been fun.

I don’t think Milan can compete with Florence, Rome, or Venice in terms of things to do and see, but it has plenty of the classic italian charm. I’m glad we stopped by for a long weekend and I suspect we’ll be back. If so, I’ll make sure to add San Siro to the itinerary.

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  1. david parmet

    The only time I’ve ever been in MIlan was on a train from Nice to Florence. We changed at Milan. That was before the introduction of the Euro so after changing my Francs I had several million Lira which I spent on lunch.It was quite good as I remember….

  2. Imran Ali

    Hey Fred – there’s also a great ITP-like design school that used to be on the outskirts of the city (the Ivrea Institute – now merged with the city’s Domus Academy ( – well worth a visit next time you’re in Europe.If we’d had more time during your trip to Leeds in the Summer, you might have iiked to see the Milan-inspired covered arcades in the downtown area. The city’s chief architect took inspiration from Milan’s arcades and Leeds’ own history in designing covered arcades and public spaces throughout the city’s shopping districts :)Never mind the San Siro – we must get you to the home of Europe’s champions at Old Trafford in Manchester next year!

    1. markslater

      next time (also london) ping me about the football. i am your man.

    2. markslater

      old toilet? why would you send him there?. fred likes the Mets not the Yankees. that means Anfield for him.

  3. fredwilson

    i am testing commenting in disqus with my facebook profile

  4. Just a guy

    I love the chicks in Milan

  5. LivePaola

    Food? Best in Milan is Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia (, two Michelin stars. For great value, Innocenti Evasioni (http://www.innocentievasion…, one star. Please let us know in advance next time you’re here! We won’t let you have any more hit or miss trips.I did get a sighting of Beckham and Victoria, yesterday at Gordon Ramsay at the Claridge’s in London, having Christmas Eve lunch with three kids and one set of grandparents. That was fun, but it does make you think how tiring celebrity is. Just think about it: these people are vastly, massively wealthier than my husband and me. Yet their Christmas Eve lunch was no better than ours. And we did not have people gawking at us (we actually got to chat with the head sommelier a lot more). So, maybe there is such a thing as enough money, I believe. And there is gratitude for what you’ve got, a lesson I am learning every day.