New BUG Modules

  BUG Sound Module 
  Originally uploaded by Bug Labs Inc.

Our portfolio company Bug Labs just announced five new modules for it’s open source hardware device.  They are:


The BUGsound, pictured here, is pretty neat:

BUGsound is for music lovers.  With a 20-mm speaker, omnidirectional microphone and four stereo jacks for input, output, headphones and microphone, we’d like to think we can help inspire the next generation of hacker/musicians. And with the onboard hardware codecs, you can also program BUGsound to act as an audio processing server.

You can see all of them in action at the BUG booth at CES which is booth #IP209.

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  1. fredwilson


  2. ErikSchwartz

    All right, now I need to get this. I’ve got a hardware project I’ve been meaning to prototype and these are the missing PITA parts.

  3. fredwilson

    Who owns the business is everything.

  4. Senator's Son

    Wow. This stuff is as ugly as a bug. I think one lesson that’s clear from a review of Apple and Nintendo’s success is that design matters. I don’t care how good or open source a product is. If it is well designed and polished it will end up in the scrap heap of technology products. How’s Bug Labs going to address this?

    1. fredwilson

      The customer for this is a hacker, not an end user

  5. Julio Barros

    The Bug Lab modules look great. I can’t wait to get my hands on some. I’m wondering about the status of running Android on them. Is it currently possible? Is it something being worked on?

    1. fredwilson

      I¹ll find out