Content Matters

Barry Graubert writes the excellent Content Matters blog and he's got an interview with me up there today.

Here is one question and my answer:

CM: Historically, as the economy comes out of recession, it
creates transformation and change. Which segments have the potential
for transformation in an eventual recovery?

FW: Every
industry that is based on knowledge or information or some other form
of non-physical matter (atoms vs bits) is going to fundamentally
transform and this downturn will be the darwinian forcing function. Think about energy and power systems, banking, media, education. They all have that aspect to them.

There's four more questions and answers so click on this link and go check it out. As a bonus and a treat for me, he put a great clip of the Replacements playing I Will Dare back in the 80s at the end of the post.

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