The Gotham Gal and I have t-shirts that say '1.20.09' on them. We've been wearing them for the past year. At first, as a sign of protest against an administration whose values, strategies, and people we did not believe in from day one.

Then as the election grew near, we wore them in anticipation of today, a day when we inaugurate a president whose values, strategies, and people we do believe in.

I am excited for today like most americans. But I am also already a bit disappointed in our new president. This inaugurapalooza (term courtesy of kurt andersen) that has been going on for the past couple days is not my idea of the best launching pad for this terribly important administration.

This reminds me of every other inaugural celebration in my lifetime. The black tie galas, the celebratory tone, and the lavish partying that is going down in washington is more of the same. It turns me off.

But Obama has an opportunity to get me back on the train with his speech today and his actions tomorrow and the rest of this month.

We need a new way of operating in this country. We need to be more selfless and we need to say no more often. We need to accept and allow failure and we need to facilitate rebirth. That's what has made us great in the past and that's what will keep us great

There are those who comment on this blog like kidmercury who think we're already toast and our corrupt government and society needs a complete reboot. I don't subscribe to that kind of absolutism, but I know where that feeling comes from. Our country is in trouble because we are in denial and I would love to hear some admonishment from our new president on that score today. Some tough love in additon to, or even instead of, uplifting soaring words would play well in my ears.

I'll be watching like most of america and twittering my thoughts. I hope you will too. Most of all I hope Barack Obamna tells America to pull up our pants today.

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