Lost On Boxee

The team at Boxee has been scrambling all week to get ABC.com working in Boxee and today they finally were able to release a new version that does just that. The news is on the Boxee blog. CEO Avner Ronen announced:

we have released a new version of boxee for Mac that includes support for ABC, click here to download. we hope to release an Apple TV version within the next few days (not available for Windows and Ubuntu).

Of course, the frantic effort by the team was all about getting ABC on Boxee in time for the new season of Lost. They missed that goal by a day, but since most people who watch on the web time shift, not all was lost (pun intended).

Once again, Boxee did all of this without any help from the networks. As Bob Lefsetz said on his blog yesterday about Boxee:

Rather, entrepreneurs made it possible, without even asking.

What's great about Boxee is that they maintain the network's player experience including all the monetization. So this is pure distribution goodness for the networks and while they may not be helping Boxee do all of this, they are certainly benefiting from it.

So if you are a Lost fan, you can now watch it on Boxee. You can download the Mac version here.