Redesigning A User Interface In The Open

Last month I posted that our portfolio company Boxee (featured in the NY Times today) had hired Whitney Hess to help rethink the user interface and I asked everyone to go give them and her comments on what could use improvement. That was a good example of using the community and being open and receptive to feedback to improve the user experience.

But yesterday, our portfolio company Bug Labs went one step further. They’ve hired the well known design firm IDEO to help them redesign the hardware UI for the BUGbase (the front panel comprising LCD, joystick and four hotkeys).

And they’ve convinced IDEO to do the whole redesign process out in the open. So they’ll be blogging and talking to the community about the whole process over the next two weeks. You can participate in the design process via the Bug Blog, Bug Community, and the IDEO blog.

If you have a BUG, want a BUG, or are interested in the open source hardware movement and have ideas about how to make the BUGbase better, please click thru to one of those pages and let them know what you think.

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