Twit This?

All the links at the bottom of the posts on this blog below the date/category/comment line are served up by FeedBurner/Google via a tool called FeedFlare. FeedFlare was built back in late 2005 well before AddThis and others built out a whole category around social sharing services for the web.

I’ve stuck with FeedFlare even though, like many of the FeedBurner services, it has languished under Google’s ownership. I really like having an identical set of engagement links on the blog and the feed and that’s the beauty of FeedFlare.

A few weeks ago, someone (can’t recall who) sent me a link to a service that puts a "tweet this" link at the bottom of a post. That reminded me that I didn’t have such a link on this blog.

So yesterday, I went into FeedFlare and searched for a service that would do that for me. I found one, called "twit this", and added it. You’ll see it now under all of the posts on this blog. For the life of me, I don’t know why it’s called "twit this" and not "tweet this" but in all other respects, it seems to work well. So if you like a post and want to tweet about it, you can use that link now.

I have noticed that FeedFlare has been on and off on this blog recently. I don’t know what that’s all about and I sure hope Google is committed to maintaining this service and it’s reliability going forward.

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