We Live In Public

I was asked at some point early last year to sit for an interview with a woman named Ondi Timoner. I wasn't exactly sure what it was for but I knew it had to do with the NYC Internet scene in the late 90s and Josh Harris. So I found myself sitting in a tiny greenwich village apartment with a camera on me answering questions from Ondi. It was an interesting experience but I quickly forgot about it.

Then when I was getting ready for the web 2.0 keynote on the history of the NYC web business, Josh Harris contacted me and suggested I use some of Ondi's footage in my talk which you can see here. When I first saw that footage I knew that Ondi had something special on her hands.

Yesterday I saw the news, via twitter, that Ondi's film, called We Live In Public, won the Sundance award for best documentary. That's fantastic news for Ondi and Josh who really wanted to see this movie made.

Here's the trailer for the film:

We Live In Public TRAILER from We Live in Public on Vimeo.

I am certainly going to see this film when it plays in NYC. If you are interested in the early days of the Internet and the guy who invented a lot of the stuff we now take for granted (streaming audio, streaming video, self publishing, etc), then you might also enjoy the film.

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