Extracting Insight From Stock Research Analysts

Wall Street research has been in a long and steady decline for years. Between the obvious loss of objectivity brought on by huge investment banking fees being paid to "buy coverage" and regulations like FD which made it almost impossible to get any information out of companies, Wall Street research has lost a lot of its mojo in the past decade.

But that does not mean that there aren't good analysts doing good work. Many of them are not at the large banks and brokerage firms anymore and some of them are even blogging for a living.

There's a new service launching today called Pulse that does a nice job aggregating a lot of these voices, not in the form of research reports, but in the form of relevant comments made about public companies.

I should disclose that I am a shareholder and director of Alacra, the company that is behind Pulse. I've been an investor in Alacra for over ten years and I know the team and the quality of the work they do and Pulse is yet another example of a great product coming out of Alacra.

The thing about Pulse is its "real time" and you get a sense of what analysts are saying right now. Another thing I like is that their definition of analyst is very broad. Most people would not think of Kara Swisher as an analyst, but you can see her comments about companies in Pulse:
Alacra Street Pulse - Analyst - Alternative - Swisher[1]

You can also see all my comments about public companies here.

But Pulse is really more about full-time professional stock analysts like Doug Freedman, a semiconductor analyst at American Technology Research. You can see his comments here.

If you are an investor or trader who values getting the "pulse of the street" then I think Pulse will be a valuable new service for you. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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