Guest Bloggers

I spent some time this morning reading two articles in the NY Times about Obama's $275bn housing plan. I thought to myself that I wanted to know more about this plan. Is it a smart plan? What are the problems with it? How likely is it that this plan will be helpful in ending the decline in the housing market?

And my mind turned to a blog commenter named JLM who has left some of the best comments here about the pickle we are in with housing and how we are likely to get ourselves out of it.

So this morning I asked JLM to tell us what he thinks of the housing plan. He's agreed to do that and when I get his email I will post it to this blog.

He will be the first and only guest blogger to have posted here in the five+ years I've been doing this.

I still plan to post every day and please don't think I am trying to lighten my load.

But I do think that this blog is slowly turning into a community and its high time that some of the stronger voices get some air time.

Next up will be Steve Kane on IP, if he takes me up on it!