Introducing Blogrollr - A Blogroll That Works For Me

I received 146 comments in the past two days on my post seeking a better blogroll. I also received a half a dozen blogroll versions built by various teams and individuals. Thank you everyone who did that.

At this moment, my favorite was built by Cameron Koczon. It's called Blogrollr and it works exactly the way I want it to. I went to Blogrollr, signed up, and downloaded a Firefox Extension that watches my blog reading habits and reports them to me (and all of you) via a blog widget. You get to see my most recent reads and my "most viewed".

You can see it in action on the right sidebar, right below the banner ad unit.

It's got some fixing up to do. Right now, I am aware of the following issues:

1) when you click back and forth between "recent" and "most viewed" you are taken to the top of the page. that's not right and needs to be fixed.

2) the "recent" list needs to be deduped.

3) It treats the comment thread as a new blog. I think comment threads and the posts that anchor them should be treated as one thing.

4) i should be able to take certain blogs out of the list manually (like this blog, of course i visit it).

5) Things like vimeo. twitter, and techmeme aren't blogs in my book

6) I want a longer list, probably 30 instead of 10 blogs in each window

So it needs work. But I am going to keep it up while Cameron iterates on it and addresses these issues. I like how simple it is to set up and start using.

Let me know what you think.

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