Mongo DB

Our portfolio company 10gen started out last year building an entire open source cloud computing stack and based on feedback from the market they recently opted to focus entirely on the data store component, called MongoDB.

My partner Albert, who sits on 10gen's board, has a blog post up today talking about MongoDB and who should be trying it out and why:

MongoDB is a much better fit for most web development than a
traditional relational database.  Instead of requiring an ORM layer,
MongoDB simply stores objects as documents in the database.  This is
very fast since it eliminates a lot of overhead and therefore scales
much better than a relational DB+ORM.  Yet it retains all the
flexibility for super agile development.  Need a new field in your
objects?  Just start saving new objects with that field.  Need a new
collection of objects?  Just start saving to it!

If you are a web developer and are curious what MondoDB can do for you, you can download it here

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