Status (continued)

A few days ago I wrote a post where I observed that status has become the ultimate social gesture.

I think Facebook's decision to open its status messages via the API is a very important moment in the emergence of status the the atomic particle of social networking.

And yet, I still have a problem. My brother (aka Jackson) commented at Facebook this morning on a twitter update I wrote about the weather in NYC

I know that because Facebook sent me an email about it.

I want to get that comment in Twitter (or any other service I might choose to use) and be able to @reply to it and get it back to him in Facebook.

That's the use case that has made status conversational and led to its ascendancy.

So, what more needs to happen from Facebook and Twitter and the other status producing services to truly open up this conversation?

I want this pretty badly and I am sure a lot of you all do too.

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