Etsy's Developer Community and API

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Our portfolio company Etsy announced their API and developer community a few days ago and I've been remiss in blogging about it.

I am a big fan of web services that offer APIs to developers to build on top of and I am particularly interested in e-commerce services that leverage APIs. For those that don't know, Etsy is a marketplace for handmade goods like jewelry, ceramics, metalwork, etc. It's a very artistic community that is full of beautiful items for sale.

I am very interested to see what developers will build on top of the Etsy marketplace. Here are some examples of what has been built so far:

Heartomatic – from Craftcult

Shop Value – from Etsy Hacks

Makerspot – syndicate your Etsy store onto your own website

Soopsee – aggregate your flickr account, Etsy store, etc onto your own website

No one company can do everything for its customers. By opening up your webservice via an API and a developer community, you unleash the power of the web to do that for you. Bravo Etsy and Bravo to all the developers working on the Etsy API already.

If you want to join the Etsy developer community, here it is.

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