Hyperlocal and SXSW

I've never been to SXSW. That's a confession of sorts given how big of a deal SXSW has become among the digerati and twitterati. But it always seems to conflict with my kid's spring break and family is first always with no exceptions. And this year is no exception.

I am already bumming out that I am not there. I'd like to go fishing with Ben Kweller and I'd like to meet and hang out with JLM. And I'd like to see our fantastic investors at UTIMCO Lindel and Mark and their colleagues. And I'd like to have breakfast at Las Manitas and I'd like to catch a show at Stubbs.

And I would have liked to see Steven Johnson's keynote on hyperlocal and news. Steven's partner Mark Josephson live tweeted the talk just now and I got the gist of it. And Steven is going to post the talk in its entirely on his blog tonite or tomorrow.

My favorite snippet from Steven's talk (as tweeted by Mark) is:

Short form will coexist w longer form. They need one another.

That is so true. Just look at my post last night for proof. One hundred and forty characters drives almost 10% of the traffic to the long form posts on this blog. And that trend will continue to grow.

Steven and Mark are building a very interesting company with Outside.in and I am excited to be part of it. For those that don't know, Outside.in aggregates all the content (long form, short form, and everything in between) that's out there on the web by geography so you can find out what's going on around you. And for SXSW they've created this cool map to see what people are tweeting about and where. I can't take advantage of it but hopefully some of you all can.

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