More Pageviews on AVC Recently

I visit the various analytics services I use on this blog about once a week. For the past several weeks, I've noticed a significant increase in page views with not much of an increase in unique visitors. So today I took at deeper dive into google analytics to see what's up.

Here's the chart of page views/visit since the middle of last year
Pv per visit since june 08

You'll notice that pvs/visit have been flat at about 1.5 for a long time (really since I started this blog). But in the past couple weeks it has jumped to closer to 2.5.

Here's a shot of just the past month.
Pvs per visit since feb 16
Something changed on or around March 6th or 7th and I am not sure what it is.

I would suspect that Google analytics is now starting to see something it was not seeing in the past but I see the same effect on sitemeter and other analytics services.  Here is the sitemeter chart for the past month and the red bar is additional page views beyond the initial visit.

So it's more likely that something changed with a specific service on this blog and my suspicion is that it is related to disqus since that is where the majority of the page views happen beyond the front page.

But that doesn't really make much sense to me since when you click on the comment link, you are getting another page generated from and the disqus comments are a widget within that page.

So I am scratching my head. I am curious of anyone out there has a better theory?

UPDATE: Mystery solved. This is an artifact created by disqus and facebook connect. If you have the same issue and want a fix, here's a post on the disqus blog explaining how to do that. Thanks to JoeLaz for solving the mystery for me.

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