The PPIP Reading List

I can't exactly explain why I am so fascinated by the Treasury's PPIP plan, but I am. I was also fascinated by the RTC back in the day but had no involvement with it. I love the idea that one man's toxic asset can be another man's (or woman's) gold.

Yesterday, I asked everyone for their opinions on this plan and I got a bunch in the comments. We also heard from JLM, who called it "Dr Tim's Excellent Elixir". I promised that I would publish links to posts everyone liked and I got a ton of them.

So here are some highly recommended posts from the AVC community. Just in time for your Sunday morning reading pleasure.

Umair Calls It A "Financial Coup D'Etat

Simon Johnson, former chief economist of the IMF, wrote the post that inspired Umair

Andy Kessler's Take

Brooks Jordan Says It's  Political Problem

Mark Sigal Outlines The Juxtapositions

Henry Blodget's Take

Whitney Tilson Talks About the ARM Issue

BlindReason's Take

Joe Nocera Says The Plan Could Work

Krugman Thinks It Is "More Of The Same"

Rortybomb on "Looting The FDIC"

Ritholz on the PPIP

Kid Dynamite on "seller financing"

Jeff Sachs on the "perils of price discovery"

I am sure I'll get more links sent to me and I'll try to post them here.