Tweetbacks and More From Disqus

This is an infomercial for our portfolio company Disqus. And I am proud to say that because Disqus is hands down the best comment system on the web and its getting better every day.

Disqus has some great new features and they've rolled them out first on Mashable, a leading tech blog that now uses the Disqus comment system. The new features include:

1) tweetbacks – when the post is discussed on Twitter, those tweets will be brought back to the comment thread
2) diggbacks – when the post is discussed on Digg, those comments will be brought back to the comment thread

When combined with Disqus' existing support of FriendFeed comments, this provides the triple play of social media. The blogger gets to see all of the discussion in one place and so does the reader. This is a big deal to me and I bet to many other bloggers.

3) Retweet the comment. There is now a checkbox in the disqus comment field to retweet the comment you are leaving. This may be an even bigger deal because so many amazing comments are stuck behind the comment link. Now you, the commenter, can tell the world about your amazing comment and get the traffic to it you deserve.

Disqus partnered with a company called UberVU to deliver these features. Disqus posted about this news and so did Mashable. You can see the new features in action on that Mashable post. I hope they will be available here on this blog shortly.

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