Unsubscribing From Unwanted Email

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There's a sense out there that clicking on an unsubscribe link will just give your email address to more spammers. That may be true at some level.

But I'm here to tell you that over the past two weeks I've been on a mission to unsubscribe to as much email as I can. I've made it a point to click on every unsubscribe link I can find. And when I am on my blackberry, I forward emails I don't want anymore to Dorsey who helps me by taking care of the unsubscribe.

It's made a big difference. I think my unwanted email is down by at least 50% and I am going to keep doing this until it reaches zero.

I've got two spam filters, postini and microsoft's junk mail, working for me. They do a halfway decent job but I still get a ton of unwanted email. Most of the unwanted email isn't technically spam, it is email that is at least halfway legit, but I still don't want it.

I don't have any hard numbers, but I think I get about 200-300 unwanted emails a day in my inbox (in addition to 400-600 wanted emails). I am very encouraged by the impact of all this unsubscription activity over the past two weeks and I think I can basically eliminate the unwanted email by continuing to click on the unsubscribe links.

So, to all of you who avoid clicking on the unsubscribe links, I say give it a try. You'll get rid of more spam than you'll create for sure.

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