Blogrollr Two Months Later – My Top Ten

Back in February, I wrote a post asking for a new kind of blogroll. I wanted a blogroll that implicitly determines what I read and shows that. Two days later, I had my request answered and launched Blogrollr on this blog.

Blogrollr is exactly what I asked for. I put their Firefox extension on the computers I use to access the Internet (in my case my laptop and my desktop at work). It records all the blogs I am reading and creates the blogroll.

It took a couple months to get enough data to make the blogroll statistically accurate and I suspect it will get even better over time. I love that if it start reading a blog or stop reading a blog, the blogroll figures that out and I don’t have to do anything.

Here are the top thirty blogs I read:

You’ll see that my wife, The Gotham Gal, is at the very top of the list as it should be. I’ve visited her blog 103 times in the past couple months.

TechCrunch is next. I am not particularly excited about that as I know there are better blogs out there. As I said yesterday, I use aggregators to get to most of the content I consume and TechCrunch does a great job at getting top placement in many of the tech aggregators I use.

My friend Bijan’s blog is next. He posts a song every day as I do. And I tend to comment on many of them. So that activity alone will lead to a lot of daily visits. But his interests are very similar to mine so I’m always finding great stuff on

Business Insider is next. Like TechCrunch, they do a great job of getting picked up by my favorite tech blog aggregators. But also, they cover the NYC internet scene which is near and dear to my heart.

My brother in law’s blog and my daughter’s blog are tied for fith place with 41 visits each. I read both of them because they are family. But they are also awesome blogs in their own right. Jerry writes about the challenges of running a commercial production company in the age of digital media. If you are in the advertising or film business, you should be reading Jerry too. And Jessica’s basically a photo blogger combining her own fantastic images with great stuff she finds on the web. I sure wish she was on tumblr but she’s figured out how to turn blogger into a tumblog.

Continuing the family thing (family’s first always), my brother’s blog comes in sixth. Jackson (that’s his handle and he’s known to this community that way) is always an entertaining read. If blogrollr had been capturing my visits for the past five years, his blog would probably be in second after Gotham Gal. Jackson’s tagline, “A home for unfinished dreams, delusions of grandeur, and musings on a planet gone wild” is my all time favorite blog tagline.

Venturebeat comes in seventh. They cover the tech beat with a venture capital perspective. And I think they do a great job with their posts. However the loss of MG Seigler to TechCrunch is a big loss for them. I always click over to his posts without even thinking about it.

Kara Swisher comes in eighth. Maybe it’s her obsession with Twitter. Maybe it’s her obsession with finding out the truth before writing a post. Or maybe it’s just that I like her sense of humor. Like MG, I click over to every Kara link I find on the web.

Howard Lindzon comes in ninth. Howard is a mad genius and the single best networker I know in the world of social media. His ruminations on stocks, the market, and the social web are required reading, at least by me.

My partner Albert’s blog comes in tenth. Albert’s a recent convert to blogging but he’s been on a tear lately. If you read Albert’s blog, my blog, the Union Square Ventures blog, Andrew’s blog, and Eric’s blog, you’ll come pretty damn close to hanging out in our office all week.

The rest of the top thirty include some very familiar names, like Brad Feld, Seth Godin, Dave Winer, Steven Johnson, John Battelle, Mo Koyfman, Umair Haque, Peter Kafka, and Roger Ehrenberg. It also includes tech blogs like Mashable, Read Write Web, GigaOm. And the blogs of my portfolio companies like Twitter, Boxee, and Disqus. And some gems you might not know about like Alan Patrick’s blog that he calls Broadstuff.

So that’s what I read the most. Not surprising. Family is at the top, followed by the big tech blogs, the blogs of the people I work with and collaborate with and the blogs of my portfolio companies. I always thought it would look like that, but there is nothing like scrobbling your life and looking at it.

Speaking of scrobbling, over 800 bloggers have put up the Blogrollr widget and started scrobbling their favorite blogs. To date Blogrollr has scrobbled over 500,000 blog visits. If you want to join the party, go visit Blogrollr and get started.

I’ve enjoyed working with the small team behind Blogrollr and they are now building their next project called This Is Feedback, a suggestion box for web services. Check it out.

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