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I've had a new analytics service called Chartbeat running on this blog for a while now. You haven't seen it until recently when I put this widget on my right sidebar.

Chartbeat widget

The cool thing about Chartbeat is that the stats are real-time. They tell me what is going on right now. If you click on the button on the upper right sidebar that says "Traffic Stats", you'll get a page that looks like this:
Traffic stats

I publish all the publicly available stats on this blog that I normally track (I wish I could do this with Google Analytics but can't or don't know how). The top link on that page is now Chartbeat so anytime you want to see what is going on here in real-time, you can click on it. This is what you'll see:

There's actually a lot more data on the page (and the additional tabs) but that's all that I could capture with my screengrab.

Chartbeat combines a very slick and appealing UI with lots of real-time data that I've never been able to get on this blog until now.

You might ask "why do you care what is going on at any moment in time?" That's a good question and the truth is many times I don't. But sometimes I do. Chartbeat also sends me email alerts when the traffic on this blog goes well above the monthly average. I get those emails about five or ten times a month and it's very interesting to go look at this page when that happens. I also get alert when the page load times degrade significantly and also when the blog is down.

But beyond all of this, the thing that is most intersting to me is the bundle of real time services that Betaworks is building. They built, they invested in tweetdeck, they built Chartbeat, the invested in and then sold Summize to Twitter. Betaworks gets the real-time web and they are building a portfolio of interesting services on that insight. Well done Betaworks team and particular congrats to Billy Chasen, the talented developer behind Chartbeat.

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