Mafia Wars On The iPhone

The other day I noticed my son Josh was playing a game called iMob on is iPhone. I said, "do you like that game Josh" He said "yes, it's fun". I told him he should wait a few days and get the real thing on the iPhone. His wait is over.

Mafia Wars, the massively popular Facebook game (9.2mm monthly players according to Facebook) is now on the iPhone. You can get it here. It's free.

Here's a short (2:20min) video that explains the game and the game play

I'm pretty sure Josh is going to love this game and so will many of you.

Disclosure: Our firm Union Square Ventures is an investor in Zynga, the developer of Mafia Wars.

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  1. Chris Dodge

    Congrats on the release. I’ll look forward to playing it.I recall us having a short convo in AVC comment thread about you being bullish on Android a few months back. With all of the current news (iPhone OS 3.0, Rich Miner leaving Android team to head up Google VC, continued lack of a market accepted implementation of Android) do you still feel that way?I think the decision to formally support 3rd party hardware accessories on the iPhone via OS 3.0 is HUGE and will create a wonderful diversity of cottage industries using the iPhone/iPod Touch truly as a portable computing environment.Makes me want to say: “game, set, match”.

    1. fredwilson

      i’ve been underwhelmed with androidnot so much the software, but the business momentum (or lack therof)on the other hand, RIMM is killing it

    2. fredwilson

      i think android will end up as a playeras will windows mobile, rimm, and palm tooand probably nokia as wellit’s hard to say game over when iPhone only has about 10% of the market

      1. Chris Dodge

        Interesting to read your updated reply. Has the reviews/interest in the Palm Pre resparked your interest on this topic?One other big of interesting news that has been pretty much “under-the-radar”: Google has finally announced (way late, it seems) the Second Android Developer’s Challenge, with some good prize money. I’ve actually thinking of throwing my hat into the ring myself – it’d be a good way to bootstrap an idea that I’ve been kicking around for a year or so.

  2. PeterBowen

    Add Me! I thought it was funny that when I went to look at the comments, it was all add me spam. “This game is great! add me – ### #####” etc. It totally defeated the purpose of the iTunes rating and comment system. 🙁 Thanks for the info though, I’ll check it out.

  3. Joe Lazarus

    A few of my friends are addicted to this game on Facebook. I’m sure it will be a big hit on the iPhone too. I’m not a big gamer myself, but the few games I play on the iPhone occasionally are almost all produced by Zynga. Live Poker is my favorite… so much more fun to play against real people than a machine. Congrats to Mark Pincus & the Zynga team on this latest launch. They’re on a roll.

  4. aanwar

    Yes, I must admit. It’s a very cool game. I had been using iMob before Zynga launched Mafia Wars for the iPhone. Zynga is awesome!

  5. Guest

    hmmm…i’m hearing rumblings of litigation related to mob wars, mafia wars, etc. i presume if you/zynga are caught up in it you can’t/won’t comment. but anything to the rumors?

  6. Nate

    I’m totally addicted to Eliss for iPhone (see the demo video).While others worked on incrementally improving polygon counts, iPhone and Wii opened up new modes of gaming with touch, accelerometers, and always on, location aware internet.

  7. Dan Lewis

    I like the game. A lot. But I doubt I’ll be playing it. Here’s why:I tried it out for about an hour or two and figured out how I wanted to build my character. So I went to reset it… and I can’t. Well, I can, but I have to delete it from my phone and wait 60 days. Really.…So it’s deleted off my phone, because I don’t want to use the character I built in my test run, and because I need to delete it in order to do what I want. And 60 days from now, I’ll play again, if (a) I remember, (b) I still want to, and (c) I can deal with being 60 days behind those people who have been playing since when I wanted to start playing. Which is to say: Great game, would have loved to play it, but I you lost me as a customer.

    1. fredwilson

      That’s not goodI’ll let the zynga team know about this issue

      1. Dan Lewis

        Great, thanks. Let me know if they change it (I’ll have no other way of knowing) or if they want my 10-digit ID 🙂

        1. fredwilson

          This will be addressed in the 1.1 release. I’ll find out when that is coming.

  8. Guest

    Wow, this version is really a big improvement from the Facebook version in terms of UX and just the entire aesthetics of it. It is also 1000x better than iMob. Very well done. One thing it needs for sure is to make use of Facebook Connect to be able to link our existing Mafia Wars accounts to the iPhone version. Other than that, congrats on the release, and good luck monetizing it!

  9. B Jones

    Fred, I enjoy your posts and great insight. As an investor in Zynga do you worry about the rash of litigation either here or coming as it relates to intellectual properties. I think ip holders were willing to turn the other cheek while they thought these businesses weren’t making much $$$. Now that it is widely publicized how much money they are making I think the lawyers will come knocking. There is no way companies like OMGPOP will be able to avoid Tetris legal issues, mafia wars v mob wars, etc. I’d love to see Zynga make the jump to ip that isn’t so heavily influenced by other games.

    1. fredwilson

      I am not an expert in these issues and don’t want to comment on them publicly anyway.

  10. iMob

    Tell Josh to add me on iMob100000288:D

  11. Gray

    For those who play and are looking for a place to find a nice, neat list of recruit codes, check out !

    1. fredwilson

      Sweet. I am sending this to josh asap

  12. suewoolfe

    Would be awesome if they could create a educational game that shows users how to better do everything in there real life. And teach them things about the society they live in and how to better succeed in it instead of games that teach war and violence, games that teach peace and prosperity!

    1. fredwilson

      They are working on that. I expect you’ll hear something soon on that front

  13. Guus

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  14. player1

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  22. mike

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  26. Anon

    I’m not sure but something has to be wrong with this game. I’m currently a lv 15, i have 99+ ppl, an attack of 515 def of 490. and i loose more than not. example. i attack a guy who is lv 27 has 3 members 86 attack and 95 defence, i loose 8 times out of 10. ???

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