Reactions Now Available In The Comments

A few weeks ago I posted about some new features from Disqus that were rolled out on Mashable. They included reactions from around the web and the ability to "tweet this comment".

The "reactions" feature is now available in the comment section of this blog and I expect "tweet this comment" will be available shortly. As Disqus mentioned in their blog post on these features, they are slowly but surely being rolled out to all Disqus users.

You can see "reactions" in action at the bottom of the comments to my post the other day about Skype (which apparently is not being sold back to the founders but instead being spun off for an eventual IPO).

If you use Disqus on your blog or website, look in your Disqus settings for this and check the box to turn it on:

Mashable has had these features for about month now and Pete Cashmore has this to say about them:

Mashable posts reliably pull in Tweets and Digg comments, although of
course there’s a delay while all those comments are found and added to
the post – don’t expect it to be instant. It might also be nice to
enable replies to social media comments, treating external comments
much like those left directly on the blog.

Though it is not yet active on this blog, I am equally excited by "tweet this comment". There are some great comments left here that don't see enough eyeballs and I think if you all tweet your comments, we'll get more engagement in the comments, and even more discussion, and I am very much looking forward to that.

UPDATE: "Tweet this comment" is actually live on this blog. I didn't see the check box because I had not correctly set up my "services" on my Disqus profile (Account, Services in the Disqus admin panel). Now I have. If you are a frequent Disqus commenter, you can set up Twitter in your account the same way and tweet your comments now. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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