You Can’t Solve Problems With Money

Last monday night, I spent an hour talking to a group of Columbia and NYU MBA students who participate in a group called InSITE. I like to do this once a year. I talk for about 30 minutes about venture capital and startups, then I take about 30 minutes of Q&A, then we go out to a local bar and drink beer for another hour. It's a lot of fun and it works because InSITE is a small group of between 30-40 MBA students who all are focused on careers in VC and startups. So it's a small and high quality group who aren't shy and ask good questions, both at the event and at the bar.

This year, I decided to talk for the first 30 minutes about my early career in venture capital where I learned a lot of important lessons that have shaped the way I think about venture firms and venture deals. InSITE filmed the hour long talk, but not the fun later at the bar. They broke it up into nine videos which are all on YouTube.

Here's my favorite segment (#2) which is about 9 mins long where I talk about some things I learned about venture capital at Euclid Partners (including the fact that you can't solve problems with money), where I started my career, and also a bit about Flatiron Partners and Union Square Ventures.

If you have the time and the inclination, you can watch all nine segments here.

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