Email Fail

I've been struggling with email for years but lately it's gotten way worse. I am now routinely not replying to many emails and most weeks I get days behind and then spend a good part of my weekend catching up.

I know that there are techniques that I should be using, including outsourcing some of the email to my colleagues and administrative team. I am not enthusiastic about any of this.

I've been searching for a better email client. I was on entourage (which is unstable for large mailboxes like mine), recently went back to outlook on paralells (but crashed my virtual machine somehow), and have been on gmail all week.

Gmail has promise for me. At least I'm not likely to crash it. But I cannot get used to the collapsing of conversations in email and I've tried at least a dozen times now.

This morning I downloaded thunderbird and connected it to gmail. That didn't work either because I have years of email in gmail and Thunderbird is trying to download them in buckets of 250 messages.

The whole experience is a complete and total failure. I've been down the email bankruptcy road a few times but that's getting old too.

I really think it's time for me to walk away completely.