Hacking Education

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Union Square Ventures is a true partnership and I am fortunate to work with some very bright people. My founding partner Brad Burnham is in many ways the complete opposite of me. And the story of our two hacking education posts is a great example of how we work.

Two months ago, we convened a fantastic group of educators, entrepreneurs, and researchers to talk about "hacking education". I blogged about the event on the subway home that night.

Two months later, Brad has posted the definitive take on the event on the Union Square Ventures blog.

I'm all about expediency and the moment. Brad is thoughtful, takes his time, and gets it right. And he really nailed it with his hacking education post.

If you really want to drill down into the event, you can also read the transcript which is online here.

This is an important topic and I am sure you'll be hearing more from us on it.

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