If The Message Is Important, It Will Find Me

Matthew Ingram wrote a post a while back and quoted a market researcher quoting a college student who said:

If the news is that important, it will find me.

I think we've all experienced the changing distribution of news and information via social media and understand what that college student was saying.

But I've reached the same point with messaging as well. Like many of you, I participate in a host of messaging services; email, texting, BBM'ing, twittering, facebooking, instant messaging, and blog commenting to name a few of them.

It's become impossible for me to read every message that is directed at me. I try hard to get to all of my messaging but I've reached the point where I don't sweat it anymore. I know that I won't see every message that is sent to me and that's OK with me.

Our family uses BBM (Blackberry messaging for those of you not familiar with it) as our "batphone" and that is the one channel that is not cluttered for me. Unfortunately, right now my BBM software is not working on my phone, and I need to fix that.

But other than BBM, I've decided to take the approach that if the message is important, it will find me. It's very liberating. I'm curious if any of you are taking this approach as well.