Smart Links Are Back On This Blog

When we did the redesign last summer, we nuked most everything that was on this blog in favor of a light and clean blog. I hope we've kept it light and clean since then.

One thing that went was smart links. Smart links are provided by our portfolio company Adaptive Blue, who also makes the Glue plugin. The idea behind smart links is to provide some context and some power to the link. With smart links, you get the value of Glue without even having it installed.

Smart links work with all sort of links. Here are some examples.

I am reading a book called Turning Learning Right Side Up by Russell Ackoff. It's a very thoughtful analysis of what is wrong with our current education system and what we can do to fix it.

I own a lot of comScore stock. This week they announced a good first quarter and guided the street to EBITDA this year of $28mm. They have over $70mm in cash and a market cap of $340mm, meaning an enterprise value of $270mm, less than 10x EBITDA for the premier Internet measurement firm. I think this stock should be significantly higher.

One of my favorite wine discoveries recently is the Dauvissat Chablis Grand Cru Le Clos. I was introduced to this wine by David Lynch, general manager of the John Dory, and I believe we've managed to drink all of that wine they had in their cellar. I sure hope they get more.

You get the idea. Smart links work with books, electronics, movies, movie stars, music, people, recipes, recording artists, restaurants, stocks, and wine. Here is a list of all the sites that are supported by smart links.

I'm happy to have smart links back on this blog. I hope you are too.

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