The Boxee App Dev Challenge

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Our portfolio company Boxee makes a browser that is optimized for consuming internet content on your TV set. You (or CE hardware companies) put Boxee's browser on a device that is connected to the internet and your TV. Someday soon the  Boxee browser will simply come with TVs and you'll just connect the TV to the internet.

Boxee is designed like Firefox. It's open source and anyone can build extensions to the Boxee broswer. But in a nod to Apple's iPhone, Boxee has deployed this "add on" capability as an app store. Developers write apps for Boxee and users discover them in the app store. Today, all apps are free but that will not be the case forever.

There are a bunch of cool Boxee apps available already, but in an effort to stimulate the creative juices of developers, Boxee has announced a competition – The Boxee App Dev Challenge. Here are the details:

The boxee dev challenge will have 3 categories: Video, Music and Photos. 

in each category we will have a People’s Choice award and a Judge’s Choice award:

People’s Choice Award: Drobo 
Judge’s Choice Award: Sony Bravia XBR9 46″

the deadline for submitting your application is June 14th at 11:59pm PT, but we encourage you to submit early and often as we’ll be talking up cool applications as they come in.
voting will take place between June 15th – June 22nd.

on June 23rd will have a boxee event in San Francisco (RSVP here) announcing the People’s Choice and our esteemed judges will choose a winner from the 10 most popular apps in each category.

the judges at the event will be:
Veronica Belmont - Tekzilla, Qore
Ryan Block - GDGT, former EIC Engadget
Avner Ronen - boxee founder and CEO
couple more judges (we are interviewing prospects: Obama, Oprah, AplusK)

looking for more info on how to develop boxee apps: check out and take a look at the sample app (we will publish additional sample apps). please submit your app to [email protected].

whether you’re a developer or just a boxee fan, we look forward to seeing you @ the event. RSVP here.

The Sony Bravia is a sweet big screen TV and Boxee is giving away three of them (and three Drobos too). If you are a developer who is interested in working on video, audio, or image apps, this challenge might be just the thing for you.

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