The Fedex Takeover

Fedex At midnight eastern sunday night, Fedex will be "taking over" this blog. A "takeover" is an advertising approach where a marketer surrounds a web page with its brand. The Fedex takeover of this blog will run from midnight sunday night to midnight friday night, basically this entire work week.

Hopefully this blog post will run at the same time the takeover happens so all of you will see what I am talking about.

As many of you know, all of the revenue this blog generates goes to charity and this takeover is no different. However, since the idea of the takeover is to "engage" the reader more than a simple banner, I thought we ought to do something equally engaging with the ad revenue.

So, I am using some, but not all of the ad revenue, that comes from this ad campaign to fund 50 Donors Choose gift cards. Each Donors Choose gift card will be for $30. The first 50 readers who click on this link and leave your email address will get one of the $30 gift cards.

You can then use the gift card to donate the $30 to whatever public school project you want to fund at Donors Choose.

I want to thank Fedex for taking over this blog for the week and providing much needed funds for public school teachers and kids. I hope that all of you will engage with both Fedex and Donors Choose this week.