The Next Layer Of The Social Media Stack

Last week Seth Goldstein's company Social Media put on a social media bootcamp for marketers and he asked John Borthwick and I to start the day off with a panel discussion around social media.

During that discussion, we got to talking about what's next in social media. I suggested that the "next layer of the stack" will be services built on top of the primary social media channels. Here's a short video clip that captures the thought.

The next layer on the stack… from Social Media on Vimeo.

I read this weekend that there are over 11,000 registered third party apps built on top of Twitter. I suspect that there are a similar number (or more) for Facebook. As the primary social media channels (including blogs and blog comments) become fully open platforms, I believe we are going to see a host of interesting (and valuable) services get built. It's already happening.

You can see a few short clips from the panel discussion here.
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