Yesterday afternoon Josh and his friend Harry were hanging out after coming back from playing basketball all morning.

They were on the couch in the family room but the TV wasn't on. They had the kitchen laptop on the couch with them and were watching videos on youtube. The Gotham Gal and I looked at them and observed that we were looking at the future of television.

Later, after Gotham (as Howard Lindzon refers to her) and I got back from a wonderful dinner at John Dory we sat in the family room and fired up the mac mini and Boxee on the big screen TV.

We had seen a cute film yesterday early evening before dinner called Management and there was a Three Dog Night song in it called Never Been To Spain.

So we searched YouTube for Never Been To Spain and watched a few videos of the song, including a 1972 live version by Elvis Presley in Vegas.

That led to an hour and a half of me VJ'ing our way through dozens of great YouTube videos. We watched the New Pornographers do a great live version of Adventures In Solitude (also featured in the Management film). That led naturally to Neko Case doing Letterman and a few other Neko Case live videos.

Then we watched a bunch of old videos of MGMT when they were called Management and were students at Wesleyan.

And from there it was a romp through a bunch of Of Montreal live shows.

And then we ended up at La Blogotheque for about a half dozen of their videos ending with the incredible version of The National's Start A War outside under the stars after a wine soaked dinner in france.

As we headed off to bed, I remarked to the Gotham Gal that we had just participated in the future of television.