My Week With Bing

Switching to Bing for a week had no meaningful impact on my internet experience, either positively or negatively. I was able to find most of what I was looking for with Bing and I enjoyed the experience. That said, I found no reason to switch from Google and I am returning to my practice of relying on Google as my primary search engine.

Here's some high level thoughts:

– Bing's image search is an improvement over Google's. When I look for an image, in the past, I would go to Flickr first and Google second. In the future, I'll go to Flickr first and Bing second.

– Bing doesn't know about social media. If you search Joanne Wilson on Google, my wife's Gotham Gal blog is the first result. If you search Joanne Wilson on Bing, it's not even on the first page.

– Bing's search results feel less "real time" than Google's, probably as a result from the lack of news links. This is an area both need to work on.

– There's a lot less paid links in Bing's service than Google's. I view that as a bad thing although many will view that as a good thing. On many ecommerce searches, I prefer the paid links over the organic links, which are often spammed up.

Our portfolio company, Clickable, which offers a easy to use front end to search and keyword ad buying for small businesses, did something similar last week and published their thoughts on the Clickable blog. They were more analytical in their analysis than me but came to pretty much the same conclusions.

That's my quick take. I'd love to hear all of yours.

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