Why I’d Like To Be In SF On June 23rd

If there was one event I'd like to be at next week it would be the "people's choice awards" on Tuesday night at 7pm at Mezzanine in San Francisco. It's actually not called "the people's choice awards", it's called the Boxee Dev Challenge.

But I call it the "people's choice awards" because Boxee is going to show what happens when you let the viewers determine what channels they want on their TV. Instead of the "500 channels and nothing's on" programming that the cable companies deliver, Boxee is going to show what hackers working on open source software for your TV can do in less than a month.

Here's a taste of it:

The Amie Street channel
The Any Clip channel

The We Are Hunted channel (my personal favorite)
The National Film Board channel
The WatchUWant channel
The PokerStars channel
The Twitter channel
The Movie Times channel
The Local Video channel
The Radio Controlled Devices channel
The ABC7 News (KGO) channel
The Twitter/YouTube/News channel (another favorite)
The Videogames channel
The BBC channel
The Mozy Backup Your Media channel
The Ethnic TV channel
The I Can Has Cheeseburger channel
The Cobra Snake channel
The Open Courseware channel (talk about hacking education!)
The UK Open University channel
The L8R channel (watch later project)
The C Dans L'Air channel
The Bass Fishing channel
The Boxee Queue channel (watch later project)
The Weather channel
The Daily Kitten channel
The HotForWords channel
The Guild channel
The Facebook Photos channel
The Drop.io channel
The White House channel

and that is just what has been submitted so far. There's another five days left in the contest so I expect the final list will be twice as long.

Imagine if your set top box had an "app store" like the iPhone has. That's what Boxee is all about. You put Boxee on your TV and let hackers around the world build channels and you pick which ones you want on your TV.

That future vision will be on display full tilt next Tuesday night in SF. If the turnout is anything like the Webster Hall Boxee meetup this spring in NYC, it will be one hell of a fun night. And so I am totally bummed that I can't be there. I hope you can.