You Won't See The Palm Pre On Me

I was emailing with Ken Berger over the weekend. He went to the Palm Pre launch event on Friday (here's Ken's take on the phone) and was wondering why I had not mentioned it yet on this blog.

I am quite excited by the Palm Pre. It's a touch screen phone with a keyboard. It shows what the user experience might be if there were a keyboard version of the iPhone. It's got a brand new mobile web operating system that is supposed to be very solid. It is worthy competition for RIM and Apple and should drive those two smartphone leaders to deliver even better phones.

So I asked Ken if I could get an unlocked Pre to run on T-Mobile. He responded:

joking, right?
It's a CDMA phone only– no GSM radio at all.
Besides that, Sprint and Verizon phones have no SIM to swap out.

I responded:

i had no idea

i've never used a palm phone and i've never been on sprint

i think i am just going to ignore this phone for now

it's useless to me

I'm not going to used a closed device like that, no matter how good the device and OS is. You won't be seeing a Palm Pre on me.
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