A Shorter Post Than I Planned

I just spent a half hour composing a longish thoughtful post on the art of saying no in the venture capital business. It was inspired by Brad Feld's post on the same topic a few days ago. However, when I hit save, Typepad forced me to re-login and after I did that, my post was gone. So I can't get back that half hour today and that post is gone for good. Maybe I'll try to do it again another day.

But in the interim, please do go read Brad's post. I agree with what he has to say about saying no. It's a big part of the VC business and doing it right is critically important.

And while you are at it, please also go read my partner Albert's post on a conversation we had at lunch yesterday (at the Shake Shack). We got to talking about mobile app development and why Android to date has missed an opportunity that Apple gave them and everyone else.

I'll be back tomorrow with something more than a couple links

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