Does This Blog Get More Traffic From Google or Twitter?

I made the assertion last evening in Seattle that this blog gets more traffic from Twitter than Google. Mike Arrington called bullshit on that statement. The interchange is about 1:50 mins into this video:

Fred Wilson at Naked Truth Seattle 2009 from Jason Preston on Vimeo.

Thanks to Jason Preston for capturing and uploading it and sending me a link to the video. The transcription (courtesy of Simulscribe video transcriptions) is here.

I offered to share my refer logs with Mike and I might as well share them with all of you as well.

Avc refers june & july

These are AVC's refer logs for the past 30 days. It says clearly that Google drives more traffic than Twitter (14.8% to 8.2%). However, some percentage of the direct (direct + visits are coming from third party twitter clients and URL shorteners like

To demonstrate this, here are the refer logs from the same 30 day period one year ago.

Avc traffic june 2008

Last year, this blog ran at and there was no, so the direct traffic was 22%. Now it is 39%. Some of that increase is simply more people typing in into their browser. But certainly some of it is traffic coming from third party twitter clients and URL shorteners.

If just 7% of the 17% increase in direct traffic is a result of twitter links that are not being counted as twitter, then it is true that this blog gets more traffic from twitter than google.

I wish I could be more scientific about this. Maybe the guys can help. My assertion last night was based on data plus gut instinct. That's not going to be enough to satisfy Arrington I'm afraid.

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