How Etsy Uses Twitter

As part of Twitter's new "How To Use Twitter For Business" service called Twitter 101, they've done a bunch of case studies.

I am very pleased to see that our portfolio company Etsy was one of the companies interviewed and was profiled in a case study.  

I've mentioned before on this blog that Etsy gets a significant amount of traffic from Twitter and has been since the start of this year.

A few months ago, @etsy became a suggested user on Twitter but that was not and has not been the real driving force in terms of inbound traffic.

I believe the real driving force is thousands of Etsy sellers using Twitter (and Facebook) to share their latest items for sale with friends and followers.

So it makes perfect sense for Etsy to use its Twitter account to highlight those sellers, retweet their posts, and cultivate and curate the Etsy community on Twitter.

If you are interested in how Etsy got hooked on Twitter, how they staff it, and what kinds of things they do with it, read the case. I think its got a bunch of 'best practices' in it that others can emulate.

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