In Europe This Week

I'm in europe this week doing a bit of work amidst a mostly famly vacation.

I'll be in Paris, Stockholm, and Slovenia this week.

As much as I'd like to meetup with entrepreneurs on this trip, my opportunities to do so are limited.

I'll be posting some photos on my tumblog and may post a bit about stockholm and slovenia on this blog.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. OurielOhayon

    Enjoy Paris. if you make it so far, one day you need to come to Israel. You ll be warmly welcome here!

    1. fredwilson

      I’ll get there soon. It just hasn’t happened yet

  2. John Sharp

    You’re probably already across this, but just in case…Gamla Stan, the “old town”, in Stockholm is just a terrific place to walk around, shop and eat. Especially this time of year.

    1. fredwilson

      Thanks for that suggestion

    2. gorbachev

      I second that, although it can be very touristy.If you have a bit more free time, I would suggest you try and visit the Stockholm archipelago either by taking a cruise, or better still if you know someone that has a summer cabin there, by enjoying the long summer night with some natives. Spend the evening taking sauna, staying up enjoying the sunset and falling asleep listening to the waves. I guarantee you will never feel more at peace than there.

      1. fredwilson

        It sounds great. I’m afraid we aren’t doing that this trip. But something to do when we come back!

  3. NatMich

    Slovenia is the one European country I really wanted to visit and never made it to! It sounds like such an interesting and beautiful place. Also a pretty cool country economically- developed very fast as far as the new EU states go (and adopted the Euro quickly :-), though I think it still has some real issues with attracting foreign direct investment…

    1. fredwilson

      I’ve made a foreign direct investment there in a company called zemanta

      1. NatMich

        Haha, they better roll out the red carpet for you then ;). Zemanta, the add-on? If so, I just took a look at it and am finding it very enjoyable to play with so far. I tested it out while writing an email and got some pretty interesting article recommendations on the side. I’ll keep testing it out but it looks like it could be a potentially really solid way to keep an effortless check on relevant news/research related to a topic you’re writing about as you write it.

        1. fredwilson

          That’s one of many great uses of zemanta. If you blog regularly, its really valuable

  4. <name>

    I find the retweets of your tweet interesting. I get why a subscriber of this blog would be interested to know about your travels, but it’s not something I would have thought to pass on to others.Do you know where you’re going in Slovenia? I spent a wonderful week there recently – I’d be happy to pass on location-specific suggestions. If you’re visiting Zemanta, presumably you’re in good hands for finding your way around Ljubljana – we really enjoyed the ambiance in the main part of town. If you’re thinking of making it out to beautiful, but touristy Lake Bled, I suggest also visiting less-developed Bohinjsko Jezero. Piran on the coast was neat – we had to walk along a stone path between the city wall and the water to get between our hotel and the town (that strongly limits cars in its center). I can also recommend a fantastic restaurant in a small town near Lipica, near the Italian border. I really enjoyed the people, cuisine, and geography throughout the country.

    1. fredwilson

      This is great advice. We’ll be in Ljubiana and Piran

      1. urbanmrak

        Hey Fred! I see that you will be in Slovenia this week, for me the best place on the planet (I am a bit of a local patriot, you see 🙂 and I agree, you should defenitly see Bled and Bohinj. I can show you around if you want (of cource free of charge, don’t worry, you can always return the favor in NY 😉 So if you have time, dont hasitate, let me know, … Say Hi to Tori for me, he is a great guy!

        1. fredwilson

          We’re in good hands but thanks for the offer!

          1. urbanmrak

            Ok, maybe next time. I hope you enjoy on your trip to Slovenia. If you are in for a bit of an adventure, you can try to make a walk from Piran to Strunjan. In Strunjan, there is a place called soline (where they used to manufacture salt from the sea, it is a kind of a natural park, so if you have time maybe go see it… (you can see the Piran church in the background on the picture ;)………. From Salinera, he can walk along the shoreline to Fiesa or even Piran. …. (from the last web site, Salinera is a place about 150m from the strunjan soline)So I hope this helps to make the most out of your visit to Slovenia.

  5. vvladimir

    Too bad you won’t be giving a talk in Paris but anyway enjoy your trip.