Disqus V3

This is coming to a blog near you (ie this one) next week:

DISQUS V3 from Giannii on Vimeo.


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  1. bombtune

    Does the new Disqus enable Typepad users to more easily embed the commenting system on our website? Right now the only way to do it is with advanced settings.

    1. obscurelyfamous

      I wish I had a better answer for you, but as we are platform-agnostic, sometimes more closed platforms are a bit of a pain.We offer some detailed intructions (they change from time to time) and there are community-contributed help as well, but TypePad is a tricky beast. To be honest, I recommend something more versatile like Movable Type if you can host it yourself, or a hosted blog like Tumblr. Not only for Disqus, but for more flexibility with any application you’d like to add.

      1. maverickny

        Putting Disqus on my Tumblog was a breeze in 5 minutes.Trying to figure out the instructions for Typepad have eluded me for ages to the point I gave up, which is a shame because I’d love to use Disqus with my main blog.Switching platforms isn’t so easy when you have hundreds of blogs and comments, especially if you are happy with it otherwise.

  2. Ben Atlas

    Looking forward to it.

  3. Diego Sana

    “Realtime” means that disqus is going to work kinda like JS-Kit’s “Echo”? I love disqus, but this whole real time thing has spoiled me and i feel a bit disappointed with it because reactions to my blog posts takes a long time to get indexed and show up on my posts.

    1. fredwilson

      Not exactly like js-kit’s echo but addressing the same issue in a different way

  4. samfjacobs

    Pretty damn cool. I love the widgetization of the web. I can be minding my own business, doing my thing and Dan and team are out there improving their little corner of the world and then it automatically flows through the web and my blog and website are now improved and better. It’s like the invisible hand but amplified.

    1. RacerRick

      re ‘”widgetization” of the web’… I love the puzzle pieces. If something doesn’t work… swap it out for a better service.Unfortunately most of the web is still tied to download/install/setup software systems.

    2. fredwilson

      Yeah. That’s going to happen to this blog sometime in the next 24 hours I think. So cool

  5. andyswan

    Love Disqus like an almost-forgotten Rubber Soul track…..but that video is useless. Next time I’d suggest “Disqus version 3 is on the way….and it’s very cool. Here are the features.”In any event, I’m looking forward to seeing what the rad crew has up its sleeve.

    1. fredwilson

      Not totally useless. I got to play golf with my investors instead of writing today 🙂

      1. andyswan

        Lol Isn’t that what the end of summer is all about?

  6. loupaglia

    will it replace BackType. still haven’t really figured out how to use that service since it is standalone except for routing all of my comments across the web to a widget on my blog.

  7. Rob Loach

    Way to go, guys!

  8. Yaron Samid

    Looking forward to being won back after reluctantly leaving them for ECHO.

    1. fredwilson

      Boo hiss 😉

  9. Morgan Warstler

    This looks just frigging awesome.It’d be great if it could be deployed in wordpress by those running the free hosted version… its such an advantage, but only for those who run their own wordpress server.

    1. fredwilson

      Disqus could use some love from hosted wordpress and typepad

  10. ShanaC

    It’s a video. I love you guys a lot. But..I’m not in love with the whole I need to be here right now to comment thing. In some ways, do I really want the JSKIT ECHO v Disqus discussion to come down to “Who is one this page the most” or”Who makes this page the most productive for everyone who uses this page”That’s going to require some testing…Bleh. I’ll give you guys a report. As it is I need to play around with WordPress…

  11. Keenan

    Love Disqus, not sure of the value in that video, pretty much useless as andyswan said. I guess I’ll learn more about the new features when I upgrade it to my blog. Way to progress boys!

  12. RacerRick

    love, love, LOVE disqus.But I agree with Andy. That video is worthless.Would rather see Daniel talking about it for 30 seconds rather then the music and moving fonts.

    1. Pete

      I like the drum loop. Does that come with v3?

  13. Patrick

    The video provides some buzz, but I would much rather as Andy says see a list of the features, moreover would like to see it in action.

  14. Dale Dietrich

    The video is too vague for me. I’m still wondering if it will fix my number 1 complaint with Disqus – that being, if you edit or delete a comment (including spam), the changed/deleted comment does not get posted/deleted to/from your underlying blog database. So, if we ever move to ID or the new Echo, or just go back to plain vanilla commenting, we are left with a quasi-corrupted comment stream.Also, the system does not, or at least did not the last time I checked, save comments to your underlying database in WordPress’s threaded format. So, while comments are nicely threaded when using Disqus, if/when we move to another commenting platform in the future, all the comments turn into flat, none-threaded comments that don’t make sense outside of their context.Don’t get me wrong, I really like Disqus and Giannia and Danial have been terrifically helpful to me personally over the last year, I’m still concerned about how these two issues lock me into their system.Let’s hope v. 3 solves these problems!…Dale

  15. Dave Pinsen

    Could someone explain in one sentence what Disqus version 1 did? To me, Discus is who sends me the e-mails I delete after I leave a comment here.

    1. fredwilson

      Version 1 was the original comment system and the emailing you mention is the killer feature that was in V1. How else would you know that I just replied to your comment?

      1. Dave Pinsen

        By checking back here, as I did just now. I guess this feature only works with nested comments though, because I have received Disqus e-mails from other blogs where there have been additional comments in the thread, but they weren’t specifically addressed to me.

  16. Guest

    Anybody know how to target the textarea (color, size, etc) inside the iframe now with v3? Before you’d use this… <script type=”text/javascript”>var disqus_iframe_css = “http://www.my-blog-url.com/…”;</script> but it doesn’t work anymore.The inputs now seem to not be inside the iframe, so they can be styled with your own css or the css that you can input within the disqus app. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Thanks!

    1. obscurelyfamous

      What you mentioned is still valid if you’re using either Classic theme. With the new “Narcissus” theme, the comment form is indeed outside of an iframe and is easier to style.You will not have to use the script method. For more developer help, you can refer to http://disqus.com/developers/

      1. DisqusName

        Hi Daniel, thank you for your time. I just double checked again… The inputs are outside the iframe, so simple css targets them. But the #comment-form “textarea” is indeed nested within the iframe. And as I mentioned, the script no longer seems to target it. Thanks!

        1. DisqusName

          Repeat question???

  17. DisqusName

    Hello, how do you enable the “Real-time updating is enabled. (Pause)” option? I can’t seem to figure that out…

  18. obscurelyfamous

    Magic….but only for people who enjoyed the video.

  19. andyswan

    I changed my mind. GREAT VID

  20. fredwilson

    I enjoyed the video 😉