What Do You Get Him For His Birthday?

I'll be turning 48 in a ten days. I was born on August 20th 1961. It was a good month and has produced one President already.

As I get older, and 48 does seem downright old to me, I've gotten harder to buy presents for. Some claim I'm impossible to buy presents for. That's largely because I don't like presents. At least material presents. I love handwritten notes and home cooked brownies.

But most of all, I like it when people do something nice for others in an effort to be nice to me.

And so this year I've decided to ask people to give to a donors choose project of their choice as a way to send me a birthday present. Fortunately Donors Choose makes it easy to do this. Anyone who wants to do a "birthday challenge" can set one up here. You can "tweet it up", share it on facebook, and put a widget on your blog or myspace page.

I did that yesterday and here is my birthday widget. I'm dedicating this campaign to music education programs in schools that are struggling to make ends meet.

This widget will appear on the right sidebar sometime today and remain there until my birthday ten days from now. So if you want to celebrate 48 years of my time on earth and do something good for kids in public schools at the same time, give something to donors choose. I promise you that it will be a great experience for you and the teachers and students who benefit from your generosity.

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