Birthday Challenge Wrapup

As many of you know, I decided to run a Donors Choose Birthday Challenge during the month of August as a way for people to give me a birthday present that mattered to me. We took the widget down yesterday as the month of August is over and we are headed Back To School.

But before leaving the birthday challenge in the memory bank I wanted to do a wrap up and a thank you.

The details of my birthday challenge are here. We raised $3,327 from 39 donors, including my parents. Thank you mom and dad. They've been struggling to give me presents for years and I think they liked this idea even better than I did.

We also ran the top performing birthday challenge of the month as measured by both donations and donors. And we got August to be the second best birthday challenge month of the year so far. A total of $13,070 was raised by various birthday challenges in August. The only month that did better so far this month was May when Stephen Colbert raised over $8000 for his birthday.

I'm pretty impressed with this community that we can do >40% of what the Colbert Nation can do.

So thank all of you who participated in the birthday challenge. We did a good thing. And if you want to do a birthday challenge of your own, click here and set one up. It's a great thing to do.

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