The NYC Web Startup Sector

I'm giving a talk tomorrow night as part of our portfolio company Clickable's monthly speaker series. The talk is sold out so I am not going to link to the event page. If this talk is well received, I will look for another venue to deliver it again where more people can attend.

The topic of my talk is the NYC Web Startup Sector, why it is different from other startup hotbeds, and what makes it a special place to start and grow a business. I wrote a post about this talk a couple weeks back and linked to a wiki that a bunch of people went to and contributed thoughts. I really appreciate everyone's contributions to this talk.

Here is a pretty close to final draft of the slides I'll use. I prefer to use images to make points and let my voice do the talking so you may have trouble making much sense of this. But I do think you will get the high level points.

If you have any thoughts about the slides or the general themes in the talk, please leave them in the comments. I am always looking for more feedback on these talks.