Donors Choose Blogger Challenge: Something’s Wrong

Eight days into the blogger's challenge, we have contributed a total of $856, including a contribution by me of $100. That's roughly $100/day and at that rate we'll contribute a total of $3000 which is way less than the past two years when we raised roughly $18,000 each time.

I'm not sure what is wrong but something sure is. I'm going to make another $100 donation this morning and I hope you will all take a few minutes to do the same.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider it:

1) You can use PayPal and do the whole thing in less than one minute from clicking this link.

2) If you've never contributed to Donors Choose, you should give it a try because the experience is so awesome, especially the thank yous you get. Click this link and see what I mean.

3) This is one of the ways I get "paid" for showing up here every day and sharing my thoughts and experiences. I don't think the quality has gone down by 6x this year.

4) Everyone who contributes gets an invite to a meetup I am doing in NYC in November. Given the number of contributors so far (ten not including me), it will be an intimate affair. Click on this link if you want to come to that.

I'm done begging and cajoling. Let's see if this changes anything.