Donors Choose: The HP Match

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I am excited to announce that we've got a match to play around with in the Donors Choose Bloggers Challenge. It is from HP and it works like this:

HP has committed to contribute a total of $200,000 pro-rata to all of the campaigns in the challenge.

This community has contributed about 7% of the total raised to date, so we are on track to get a match of $14,000.

Everyone who contributes (or has contributed) via my giving page will get a Donors Choose gift card to spend that $14,000.

The allocation of the $200,000 will be made on Sunday night so the more we raise between now and then, the more of the $200,000 we'll get to allocate.

I just made another donation (my third) to get us above $14,000. If you haven't given yet, please think about doing it today. If we get to my goal of $20,000, we'll actually get to $34,000, and that is 1.7 to 1 leverage on your gift.

Click here to contribute to the Donors Choose Bloggers Challenge.

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