State Of The Blogosphere Interview

Technorati released its annual State Of The Blogosphere report this past week. In it was a short interview they did with me about VCs and entrepreneurs who blog.

I like the way it came out so I figured I'd reblog it here.


Fred Wilson, managing partner of two venture capital firms and well known "VC blogger" at, discusses the relationship between entrepreneurship and blogging, and what's next for blog-based businesses and the web. 

You’re one of the best know “VC bloggers.” What originally motivated you to get involved in blogging, and how has it influenced your life and career?

I got into blogging because it was a new internet technology back in the early part of this decade and I wanted to understand it better. As I got into it, I realized it could help our business a lot by building a direct channel to entrepreneurs. It has allowed us to build a reputation as one of the best web-focused early stage venture firms.

What’s your take on and advice to VC-backed entrepreneurs who publish blogs?

It's not easy for an entrepreneur to find the time to blog. But for those who do it, it is a great tool to communicate with the various stakeholders in their business and build a reputation for thought leadership.

Blog-based businesses and blog networks have seen a lot of activity over the last few years in terms of investment and acquisitions. Given the economic downturn, what does the future look like for blogs-as-businesses?

I think it’s better than ever. Blog-based businesses have lower cost structures and are more "authentic" and as a result are drawing larger shares of ad budgets.

You’re a passionate early adopter and experimenter with web applications in general and widgets on your blog in particular. What’s turning you on these days?

Mobile apps and new commerce models. 

What’s your advice for aspiring professional bloggers?

Show up every day with something interesting to say and don't be afraid to speak your mind.

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  1. Mark Essel

    Nice, short and sweet.Showing up everyday has a lost opportunity cost, I’m doing my best to squeeze it into other activities (while out walking has worked).I was tight on time this morning (as well), but found a “goody but oldy” in a set of comments from Linus Torvalds about evolutionary engineering. I made time later to put in my two cents. Other readers may like his take on design (the original post, my 2 cents).

    1. fredwilson

      I showed up today (twice) without much time spentIt sometimes is time consuming but doesn’t always have to be

      1. ShanaC

        For some reason, I’m finding of time spent, commenting is less time consuming that blogging. I feel like I have to write essays worth in a blog post of everything I think on one subject- full length analysis. I have a love-hate relationship. If I could cut that behavior, I probably would blog more.Commenting, I find, I can get away with bare brushstrokes of less detail. Dunno why that is. Maybe it has to do with this is already an interactive space, whereas the blog doesn’t feel that way…FYI, you were mostly right on about Wave.

  2. bijan

    you and brad feld are the reason I started blogging.and it helped me out in so many ways as a new VC (and personally too)

    1. fredwilson

      That’s great to hear bijan

    2. bfeld

      Thanks Bijan. I hope we (all three of us) help each other out on many things for a long time to come.

  3. kidmercury

    “I think it’s better than ever. Blog-based businesses have lower cost structures and are more “authentic” and as a result are drawing larger shares of ad budgets.”you know it boss! well said. blog stars ftw!!!!

  4. Alex Popescu

    Fred, seeing you, a busy person, blogging every day is both encouraging and challenging. I have a lot to learn from you. Thanks.The thing that attracts me to this blog is the wide range of subjects you are covering. You speak about your experience and share advise, you help your companies, you inspire other companies and last, but not least you have the guts to pick up any subject that interests you. This blog feels like it’s you as a person in this world. And that’s simply great.

    1. fredwilson

      Thanks. I appreciate the feedback

  5. Nitin Mittal

    I am amazed and impressed by your high level of activity and engagement. I have a hard enough time following real-time discussions from a community of entrepreneurs and VCs on a daily basis. As a start-up, my partners and I have found it challenging to not only stay current on topics, but also create thoughtful pieces on what we are seeing while running a business.In your second to last question, you mentioned mobile apps and new commerce models. What are some examples of new income streams? What do you think of mobile commerce?

    1. fredwilson

      I’m not sure mobile commerce is upon us, yetI’m excited about new funding models like donorschoose, kiva, and kickstarter

  6. ADstruc

    Nice – great to have an interview posted of you, Fred, on here! I’d love to show you our new commerce model – an online buying platform for outdoor advertising. Can I buy you a cappuccino on Friday?Thanks,

    1. fredwilson

      Outdoor advertising is outside of what we invest in

      1. ADstruc

        Thanks for getting back to me, Fred. I’d still love to buy you a cup of joe – email me anytime! [email protected] the best,John