The Blog Where Everybody Knows Your Name

This blog attracts around 125,000 unique visitors a month pretty consistently. That's a lot of people.

But there's about 1,000 to 2,000 who I'd call regulars who hang out here and talk about stuff. I know all of them by name. And they know each other by name.

I was reminded of that while wading through the comments to my post yesterday. In the midst of a serious discussion about venture deals and the venture industry was this exchange:

Kid talk
The Kid, David, Brooks, and Shana are all regulars. And we had a little chat about The Kid who in addition to being a brilliant thinker about where the web is taking us is also a kook and a conspiracy theorist. But he's our kook and conspiracy theorist.

It's like a bar where a bunch of regulars show up every night. You aren't sure which of them will show and what the talk will be, but it's fun and everyone is respectful and you learn a lot. I can't exactly explain how it got to be this way, but it is. And I am so grateful for it.