Great Meetup Last Night

About a hundred readers of this blog gathered last night in the cafeteria of Washington Irving High School just off of Union Square in Manhattan to meet each other and celebrate the generosity of this community in the recent Donors Choose Bloggers Challenge.

It was a great moment for me. I got to meet many readers who I know by name but not in person. Putting a face to a name is a wonderful thing. I also got to meet Sarah Bunting, whose blog, Tomato Nation, raised $315,000 for Donors Choose in October. Talk about "blog stars". I've got a lot to learn from Sarah.

And I got to meet a bunch of teachers. One woman teaches middle schoolers in the Bronx with special needs. A couple others teach music in a middle school in southern brooklyn. A third teaches pre-K in the East Village. I met several others as well. 

I am telling you that these people (all women) are doing god's work. And it made my day to meet them and know that we all did something to help them.

It may have been the first meetup I've done with all of you, but it won't be the last. Thanks to everyone who showed up. I know we were competing with the Yankees but I got home in time to see them put the Phils away and I suspect most everyone else did too.

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