The AVC Reader Census

We (Nathan and me) added a new widget to this blog yesterday. It’s on the right sidebar above the Flickr photo widget. The purpose of this widget is to answer a few questions about the people who read this blog.

If you wish, you can take the survey right here on this post.

Powered by

This census/survey is powered by Hunch which is an interesting decision/recommendations service based in NYC. I mentioned the service last week in my post about selecting a hotel to stay in.

We’ve already got some data coming in about what this readership looks like. Here is a screenshot of the first few data points. Click on that link to see them all.

Reader survey screenshot
The sample size is still too small to make any conclusions. I’ll post again in a week or two when we have some real data.

Should be interesting and relevant to Kid Mercury’s thoughts on blog stars and blog communities.